About Militia 76

At Militia 76 we embody the rebellious American spirit. We like costume parties, and salt water tea. We like row-boating across frozen rivers on Christmas to go meet new people. We love liberty, the constitution, and taking a stand for this great country while embracing our first amendment rights. 

We are more than just apparel made by we the people for we the people. We understand our duty to use our 1st amendment right to take a stand for America. We strive to put our love for America into every single thing we make for our fellow Patriots, Firearm Enthusiasts, and those who have served to fight for our freedom.

At Militia 76 you’re not just a customer. You are our brothers, sisters, and friends. We may not share the same blood, but we all bleed red white and blue. You are our family because you are Americans.

- Militia 76

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